‘Self Discovered’ Collection

‘Self-Discovered’ Collection

The ‘Self-Discovered’ collection represents a growth in identity, with different experiences and changes in each self, who you are is in constant change and evolution. Through journeys of self discover and identifying your own true being the collection shows artist Ethan Talbots physical, mental and spiritual thoughts on identity and character.

Dream English Kid, 1964 – 1999 AD

Mark Leckey
Dream English Kid, 1964 - 1999 AD
Video, Sound Projection, Colour & Sound
23 min 2 sec

Mark Leckey’s Dream English Kid is an amalgamation and collage of his found childhood memories. Adverts, Television and music is used as a reconstruction of his self discovery through his teenage years, influential moments such as concert clips remain a personal part of this work. This brings a sense of self portraiture within a different medium with shared memories and experiences to create a sense of his growing identity.

Mind, Body & Soul

Through exploration into Spiritual wellbeing, Ethan Talbot has created collage like posters which reflect his journey into manifestation and spirituality.

Depicting, the importance of physical, mental and spiritual experiences, the works coulour palette reflects a light aura about it, moulding and blurring around facial features and the body as a reflection of the Artist and his spiritual life.

The Imagery of crystals, plants and human form join together to create a makeup of energy within the peace, symbolising enter tic and spiritual catalysts and attractions as well as new growth and healing within all aspects of life.

Ethan Talbot
Mind, Body & Soul (2021)
3 Digital Collages
72 x 96 cm


With Layers upon Layers of gestural mark making, Ethan Talbot has created a specific moment to create from the mind a depiction of his AURA.

The movement of the marks are layered in a tactile way to create a portrait like form. Free flowing and energetic movement within the piece create a sense of life within the portrait, each being individual and mixed to create a moment in someone’s spiritual identity.

The Colour palette of this piece symbolises growth within identity, with colours interwoven together and mixing directly on the canvas each is unique to show the different elements of a being.

Ethan Talbot
AURA (2021)
Acrylic on Canvas 

‘Good Days’

The Messenger

Bill Viola
The Messenger (1996)
Video, High Definition, Projection, colour & Sound
28 min 28 sec

With a deep interest in the human experience as a whole viola incorporates life, death and spirituality within his work without religious agenda. The messenger is an amalgamation of spiritual and physical vulnerability of humanity. Often drawing from the natural elements work depicts an illuminated human form beautifully submerged into a glistening dark body of water. Representing a cycle in human life and spirituality.