Inclusivity of all identity’s and stories matter to us.

Email curator and artists Ethan Talbot to your work into our collections.


The Museum of ID-entity aims to be an inclusive creative hive for all individuals to tell their story.

The museum highlights the importance of each individuals experience as a being, the importance of understanding identity and how your identity shapes yourself others and individual creative processes.

Tackling issues that should be highlighted in galleries, these experiences, thoughts and emotions that each person uses within their art creates millions of different perspectives that able us to understand the importance and unimportance of identity, identification and self.

Ethan Talbot

The Museum of Identity is curated By Ethan Talbot, a fine art student Studying at Liverpool John Moores University. The museum Includes some of his own work along with his peers and other Artists.


The Museum of identity is Curated by Artist Ethan Talbot. The collections created are a reflections of different human experiences and self, pin pointing certain aspects or identity’s in life through various art mediums, these have been created with intention of addressing issues with social importance and consciousness.

Some of the collections revolve around the different meanings of self portraiture and challenges the types of portraiture that can be created, different identity’s will create these in different ways.


The artists featured in the museum have been carefully selected to intertwine with some of the exhibitions and collections within it.

Artists have been selected, tackling their documented official identity as well as their raw emotion, history and experience as a being. Sculpture, painters, photographers, filmmakers and performers with different stories to tell. As well as Artists with a high social conscious with somewhere to house the problems regarding identity that they face in the world today.